Oilfield Multiphase Fluid Pump

The Multiphase Fluid Pump is a breakthrough patented compression technology specifically designed for casing gas compression.

  • Price competitive
  • Less maintenance and down time, especially in winter operations
  • Fully self-adjusting
  • Multi-user access with customizable security features
  • Multiple sensors and data logging and output
  • Access and control through cell phone, tablet, and desktop

The beam casing gas compressor is specifically designed for casing gas applications; however, the speed of the compressor is based on the pump jack speed. If speed of the compressor needs to be adjusted, it will affect the pump jack speed, thus causing potential issues with well production.

The user simply inputs the desired target suction pressure and the Multiphase Fluid Pump will adjust speed in order to achieve the desired suction pressure. The speed may also be affected by other target parameters they may have higher priority over the target suction pressure based on safety and user input.

Because the Multiphase Fluid Pump is not oil-flooded and is oil-free, it requires less maintenance and is less prone to failure in the winter. The Multiphase Fluid Pump also has sophisticated controls and that allow the pump to have a multi-stage startup in extreme cold weather.

Typically, annual and semi-annual maintenance is required.

Yes, the Multiphase Fluid Pump was specifically designed to work with water, oil, or liquids in gas solution.