Oilfield Multiphase Fluid Pump

The Multiphase Fluid Pump is a breakthrough patented compression technology specifically designed for casing gas compression.

The Multiphase Fluid Pump has been specifically engineered and designed to address limitations of conventional compression systems. It addresses one of the biggest challenges with oilfield compression: oil flooded operations. Although oil flooded compressors can work effectively, they are prone to failures in cold operations and require regular maintenance to change and add oil.

Another key distinct feature of the Multiphase Fluid Pump is its sophisticated algorithms and logic, combined with various sensors. These algorithms allow the Multiphase Fluid Pump to self-adjust speed in order to meet the user’s key targets settings (suction pressure, discharge pressure, maximum motor load, discharge temperature, etc.). The sophisticated algorithms also monitor and protect the fluid pump from failure.

High level overviews of some key features are shown below.

Multiphase pump (non-lubricated and oil-free)

  • Compresses with entrained liquids in fluid
  • Does not require oil for lubrication

Sophisticated program controlling operation, optimization, efficiency, reporting, and safety

  • Four (4) control logic loops working simultaneously to optimize operation based on user defined settings (suction pressure, discharge pressure, motor load, shutdown and sleep mode parameters)
  • Shutdown and sleep mode based on user-defined parameters to ensure safety
  • Calculates instantaneous gas flow (theoretical)
  • Limitless incremental speed settings (6 SPM to 0.05 SPM) used by program to meet user defined targets
  • Multiple sensors for operation, safety, and performance (suction pressure, discharge pressure, discharge temp, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic oil temp, motor load, etc.)

Sophisticated programming and machine learning algorithms

  • Using machine learning algorithms, automatic computer update of maximum speed setting if in constant motor overload
  • Instantaneous slowdown if slug of incompressible liquids cause excessive force and motor load – much quicker response than variable frequency drive
  • User defined soft start settings (without the use of variable frequency drive)

Comprehensive Safety features

  • Many shutdown [user-defined] parameters to protect system
  • Sleep-mode feature to stop fluid pump for a user-define period of time based on user-define parameters out of range
  • Log and display of all past warnings, sleep modes, and shutdowns

User Interface

  • 7 inch color touch screen display
  • Multi-user permissions/accounts (Administrator, Operator, Manager, Engineer)
  • Access to HMI through Android phone or iPhone
  • Remote access through desktop or tablet (Android or iPad)

Remote Access and Reporting

  • Integrated call-out system or text message to cell phone based on user defined event
  • Access and control of fluid pump via cellular network using cellphone, tablet, or desktop computer


  • Ability to new programming algorithms
  • Link data capture and monitor of other oilfield equipment (pump jack motor or other equipment on well lease)

Winterized package

  • Four stage cold startup mechanism to ensure pump startup in extreme cold weather
  • Very low incidence of failure due to extreme cold or snow

Data logging, reporting, graphing data output

  • Records all data non-stop. Will record at higher frequency in warning mode
  • HMI has graphing module to visualize user define data capture
  • Ability to download all recorded data remotely or directly from HMI

Quick and Cost-effective Installation

  • Typical install takes between 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Does not require concrete pad or leveled surface
  • Does not require any welding