Oilfield Multiphase Fluid Pump

The Multiphase Fluid Pump is a breakthrough patented compression technology specifically designed for casing gas compression.

The Multiphase Fluid Pump’s sophisticated algorithm and logic, along with its multiple sensors, are monitoring various operating parameters and constantly self-adjusting speed to meet user defined targets.

A high-level overview of some of the key logic is shown below.

Continually monitors key operational inputs:

  1. Suction pressure
  2. Discharge pressure
  3. Motor load

Self-adjusts speed with multiple concurrent logic controls:

  1. Adjusts speed to ensure user defined suction pressure
  2. Adjusts speed to ensure user defined discharge pressure is not exceeded
  3. Adjusts speed to ensure user defined motor load is not exceeded
  4. Ensures safety/shutdown settings are within user defined range

Records all data non-stop. Will record at higher frequency in warning mode

Will go into shutdown or sleep mode if certain user defined parameters are out of range

Multiphase Fluid Pump Overview